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Graduates — These Students are Graduates as of 6/9/2019

Congratulations to the following full-time Online Students who are recent ECPI graduates. Congratulations on a job well done! Best of luck in your future endeavors!

Student Program
Alexander Rivera Master of Business Administration
Alexandra Clements BS Business Administration
Aliehya Tazewell BS Business Administration
Amanda Gass BS Business Administration
Amanda Jagnarain Master of Science Cybersecurity
Andrey Vasilchuk BS Electronics Engineering Technology
Annesylle Sinamban BS Business Administration
Anthony Echevarria BS Computer & Information Science
Anthony Maina BS Computer & Information Science
Ashley Freeman BS Computer & Information Science
Ashley Toth BS Business Administration
Ashley Vasquez AS Electronics Engineering Technology
Brandon Robinson BS Electronics Engineering Technology
Caleb Henderson AS Computer & Information Science
Charles Cehen BS Electronics Engineering Technology
Charles Demery BS Electronics Engineering Technology
Christopher Dysard BS Computer & Information Science
Corey Moye BS Business Administration
Courtney Brown BS Electronics Engineering Technology
Daniel Pacomio Master of Science Cybersecurity
Deirdra Williamson Master of Science Nursing
Demetrius Collins BS Business Administration
Dominque Evans BS Business Administration
Ebony Holmes BS Business Administration
Edmund Davis BS Computer & Information Science
Houston Laster BS Business Administration
Hoyt Blohm BS Electronics Engineering Technology
Irfan Ali BS Business Administration
Jacob Richardson AS Computer & Information Science
Jacob Rivette AS Electronics Engineering Technology
Jacqualenta Jackson BS Electronics Engineering Technology
James Caplins BS Electronics Engineering Technology
Jasmine Clark AS Computer & Information Science
Jeffrey Vassey AS Computer & Information Science
Jehu Collins Master of Science Cybersecurity
Jeremy Dixon BS Electronics Engineering Technology
John Roman BS Business Administration
Joshua Dehart BS Computer & Information Science
Joyce Soublet BS Health Science
Julio Romero AS Mechanical Engineering Technology
Kayla Trice BS Health Science
Kevin Owen AS Computer & Information Science
Kyler Spochart BS Electronics Engineering Technology
Leo Biggs BS Electronics Engineering Technology
Lucy Nganga AS Computer & Information Science
Luis Cardona BS Electronics Engineering Technology
Martin Silva Bel BS Computer & Information Science
Max Heuangpraseuth BS Computer & Information Science
Medina Smajlovic BS Business Administration
Michael LaCaze BS Business Administration
Nasser Abdou BS Computer & Information Science
Natasha Santiago BS Computer & Information Science
Reginald Knox BS Computer & Information Science
Roishawn Clark BS Business Administration
Sarah Guynup AS Mechanical Engineering Technology
Shamoka Aiken BS Computer & Information Science
Shelley Hatten BS Business Administration
Stacey Hay AS Mechanical Engineering Technology
Tanua Wallace BS Health Science
Taylor Greene AS Computer & Information Science
Tonya Creque Master of Science Nursing
Travis Cossey BS Criminal Justice
Tyrell Dunn AS Computer & Information Science
Whitley Wylie Master of Science Cybersecurity
William Bailey AS Electronics Engineering Technology
Zachary Coone BS Business Administration